Package pyanaconda :: Module backend :: Class AnacondaBackend
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Class AnacondaBackend

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Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, anaconda)
Abstract backend class all backends should inherit from this
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postAction(self, anaconda) source code
doPreSelection(self, intf, id, instPath) source code
doPostSelection(self, anaconda) source code
doPreInstall(self, anaconda) source code
copyFirmware(self) source code
doPostInstall(self, anaconda) source code
doInstall(self, anaconda) source code
initLog(self, instPath) source code
kernelVersionList(self) source code
getMinimumSizeMB(self, part)
Return the minimal size for part in megabytes if we can.
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doBackendSetup(self, anaconda) source code
groupExists(self, group) source code
selectGroup(self, group, *args) source code
deselectGroup(self, group, *args) source code
packageExists(self, pkg) source code
selectPackage(self, pkg, *args) source code
deselectPackage(self, pkg, *args) source code
getDefaultGroups(self, anaconda) source code
resetPackageSelections(self) source code
writePackagesKS(self, f, anaconda) source code
writeConfiguration(self) source code
writeKS(self, f) source code
complete(self, anaconda) source code
Method Details [hide private]

__init__(self, anaconda)

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Abstract backend class all backends should inherit from this

  • instPath - root path for the installation to occur