Package pyanaconda :: Package iw :: Module osbootwidget :: Class OSBootWidget
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Class OSBootWidget

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Widget to display OSes to boot and allow adding new ones.

Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, anaconda, parent) source code
setIllegalChars(self) source code
changeBootLoader(self, blname) source code
editOther(self, image) source code
getSelected(self) source code
addEntry(self, widget, *args) source code
deleteEntry(self, widget, *args) source code
editEntry(self, widget, *args) source code
toggledDefault(self, data, row) source code
fillOSList(self) source code
osTreeActivateCb(self, view, path, col) source code
getWidget(self) source code
Apply the changes from our list into the object.
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