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Package storage

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Dictionary-like interface to with device path keys
Dictionary-like interface to crypttab entries with map name keys
A class to represent a set of filesystems.
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storageInitialize(anaconda) source code
storageComplete(anaconda) source code
writeEscrowPackets(anaconda) source code
undoEncryption(storage) source code
getReleaseString() source code
findExistingRootDevices(anaconda, upgradeany=False)
upgradeany will cause it to ignore version, product and arch mismatches.
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mountExistingSystem(anaconda, rootEnt, allowDirty=None, warnDirty=None, readOnly=None)
Mount filesystems specified in rootDevice's /etc/fstab file.
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get_containing_device(path, devicetree)
Return the device that a path resides on.
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  _ = lambda x:
  log = logging.getLogger("storage")
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findExistingRootDevices(anaconda, upgradeany=False)

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upgradeany will cause it to ignore version, product and
arch mismatches. Use with caution.

Return a tuple of:
    list of all upgradable root filesystems.
    list of previous installs that cannot be upgraded.

The upgradable tuple is:
    (device, "%product %version")

The non-upgradable tuple is:
    (product, version, arch,, test_dict)
    The test_dict contains the results of the upgrade test for the
    product, version and arch.