Package pyanaconda :: Module upgrade
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Module upgrade

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queryUpgradeContinue(anaconda) source code
setUpgradeRoot(anaconda) source code
findRootParts(anaconda) source code
bindMountDevDirectory(instPath) source code
upgradeMigrateFind(anaconda) source code
Mirrors filename from the sysimage on the ramdisk.
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Load time setup for upgrade install.
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upgradeMountFilesystems(anaconda) source code
Handle the upgrade of /bin, /sbin, /lib, /lib64 to symlinks into /usr/ This uses dracut's convertfs module
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setSteps(anaconda) source code
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  _ = lambda x:
  log = logging.getLogger("anaconda")
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Load time setup for upgrade install.

We need to find out the timezone and the UTC parameter of the old system and set the system time accordingly, so timestamps are set correctly for the files the upgrade procedure will create.

This is pretty much what packages.setupTimezone() does in reverse.