Package pyanaconda :: Module yuminstall :: Class YumBackend
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Class YumBackend

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backend.AnacondaBackend --+

Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, anaconda)
Abstract backend class all backends should inherit from this
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complete(self, anaconda) source code
doBackendSetup(self, anaconda) source code
doGroupSetup(self, anaconda) source code
doRepoSetup(self, anaconda, thisrepo=None, fatalerrors=True) source code
doSackSetup(self, anaconda, thisrepo=None, fatalerrors=True) source code
__withFuncDo(self, anaconda, fn, thisrepo=None, fatalerrors=True, callback=None) source code
getDefaultGroups(self, anaconda) source code
Reset the package selection to an empty state.
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selectModulePackages(self, anaconda, kernelPkgName) source code
selectBestKernel(self, anaconda)
Find the best kernel package which is available and select it.
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selectFSPackages(self, storage) source code
selectAnacondaNeeds(self) source code
doPostSelection(self, anaconda) source code
doPreInstall(self, anaconda) source code
doInstall(self, anaconda) source code
doPostInstall(self, anaconda) source code
kernelVersionList(self) source code
__getGroupId(self, group)
Get the groupid for the given name (english or translated).
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isGroupSelected(self, group) source code
selectGroup(self, group, *args) source code
deselectGroup(self, group, *args) source code
selectPackage(self, pkg, *args) source code
deselectPackage(self, pkg, *args) source code
groupListExists(self, grps)
Returns bool of whether all of the given groups exist.
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groupListDefault(self, grps)
Returns bool of whether all of the given groups are default
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writeKS(self, f) source code
writePackagesKS(self, f, anaconda) source code
writeConfiguration(self) source code
postAction(self, anaconda) source code

Inherited from backend.AnacondaBackend: copyFirmware, doPreSelection, getMinimumSizeMB, groupExists, initLog, packageExists

Method Details [hide private]

__init__(self, anaconda)

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Abstract backend class all backends should inherit from this

  • instPath - root path for the installation to occur
Overrides: backend.AnacondaBackend.__init__
(inherited documentation)

complete(self, anaconda)

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Overrides: backend.AnacondaBackend.complete

doBackendSetup(self, anaconda)

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Overrides: backend.AnacondaBackend.doBackendSetup

getDefaultGroups(self, anaconda)

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Overrides: backend.AnacondaBackend.getDefaultGroups


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Reset the package selection to an empty state.

Overrides: backend.AnacondaBackend.resetPackageSelections

doPostSelection(self, anaconda)

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Overrides: backend.AnacondaBackend.doPostSelection

doPreInstall(self, anaconda)

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Overrides: backend.AnacondaBackend.doPreInstall

doInstall(self, anaconda)

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Overrides: backend.AnacondaBackend.doInstall

doPostInstall(self, anaconda)

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Overrides: backend.AnacondaBackend.doPostInstall


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Overrides: backend.AnacondaBackend.kernelVersionList

selectGroup(self, group, *args)

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Overrides: backend.AnacondaBackend.selectGroup

deselectGroup(self, group, *args)

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Overrides: backend.AnacondaBackend.deselectGroup

selectPackage(self, pkg, *args)

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Overrides: backend.AnacondaBackend.selectPackage

deselectPackage(self, pkg, *args)

source code 
Overrides: backend.AnacondaBackend.deselectPackage

writeKS(self, f)

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Overrides: backend.AnacondaBackend.writeKS

writePackagesKS(self, f, anaconda)

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Overrides: backend.AnacondaBackend.writePackagesKS


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Overrides: backend.AnacondaBackend.writeConfiguration

postAction(self, anaconda)

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Overrides: backend.AnacondaBackend.postAction